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Different pieces of antique furniture and chandeliers, old between 80 and 130 years.
All in excellent conditions and First family owner.
Ottoman empire style soffa old 130 years woodcut, caffee table with 3 chairs Ottoman empire style old 130 years woodcut, Long cabinet in mahogany old 95 years. King size brass bed with mattress, old 95 years. Complete bedroom furniture (cabinet, 2 bedside tables, 2 triangular cabinets and oval mirror, old 85 years. 2 dressers, ottoman empire style, woodcut, old 130 years. Wrting desk, walnut tree, woodcut, old 130 years. Hanging cabinet, woodcut, old 130 years. Hexagolan caffee table with 4 chais, Ottoman empire style, woodcut, old 130 years. Galss chandelier old 80 years. Brass chandelier hand made, old 80 years, Couch vith addictional elemant, mahogany, old 80 years.
Everything is situated in Zagreb, Croatia. Personally taking and transportation.
For collectionst.

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